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Civil law - contract law

As the starting point for any economic activity, the contract is often the crucial step in the smooth running of a contractual relationship. 

This is why our firm has developed a practice of civil law - contract law - which is essential to serve the best interests of its clients.

Our law firm can thus assist its clients in contractual negotiations, in drafting the terms of contracts of all kinds, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, and in following up with its clients in the context of any litigation related to the performance of such contracts.

It’s with this in mind that the lawyers of our firm, through their expertise and legal knowledge, will assist clients in an anticipative manner in pre-contractual discussions or in the drafting of contractual terms, but also before the civil and commercial courts in the event of difficulties of execution.

Commercial law - business litigation

Commercial law and business litigation includes the firm's various activities, ranging from corporate counseling for professionals in the financial sector, industrials or merchants to assist them in their contractual negotiations, the drafting of certain contracts, to the most complex commercial and corporate litigation.

Our firm has a tightly knit team of lawyers experienced in procedural techniques within the framework of cases heard before all the civil and commercial courts of Luxembourg.

We thus act on behalf of national and international clients in complex commercial litigation and corporate law matters, in particular in the context of managing conflicts between shareholders.

Our firm has acquired significant experience in the monitoring and resolution of international disputes, involving the coexistence of proceedings brought before National, European or International courts.

We assist our clients at all stages of the disputes they face, whether upstream, in the prevention of litigation, in the preliminary definition of a litigation strategy, the implementation of emergency or protective procedures, the drafting of pleadings on the merits or before the courts.

Finally, our expertise enables our firm to advise its international and national clients in the negotiation and drafting of commercial contracts, contracts for the provision of services, as well as in the establishment of their general and special terms and conditions or any legal document related to their specific activities.

Our attorneys in these areas have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of business life, both in pure commercial law and in corporate law, as well as a perfect command of the workings of the procedure.

Criminal Litigation

The criminal litigation of common law is one of the areas of expertise of our firm.

We thus assist a varied clientele, victims and defendants alike, in all criminal proceedings, whether they involve road traffic offences or more serious offences affecting the integrity of persons and property.

Our criminal lawyers are able to provide this clientele with effective support and defense in the resolution of these disputes, particularly in the prevention of risk in criminal matters and throughout the litigation process.

The singularity of the matter, given the sensitivity of the cases and in particular with regard to the important stakes involved, requires the particular expertise offered by our firm.

The firm also assists all civil parties in the process of compensating damages.

Criminal litigation also requires a relationship of trust between lawyer and client, so our specialists favor a personalized human approach that is essential in this particular area.

Business Criminal Law

Business criminal law has important implications in various branches of law, ranging from banking and financial law, tax law, corporate law and labour law, to competition law.

Over the years, our firm has built up a particular expertise in business criminal law, both in consulting, in order to assist our clients in anticipating and managing the criminal risk related to their activities, and in purely litigation matters at all stages of the criminal procedure.

We assist our clients in criminal investigation procedures, whether at the level of the judicial police, interrogations at the investigation office, searches and seizures, and of course before the repressive courts.

Our criminal lawyers work alongside national and international clients, industrialists, banks, fiduciaries and other professionals in the financial sector.

Our areas of expertise in this field are vast, ranging from pure banking and financial criminal law, tax criminal law, corporate criminal law and labour criminal law, to competition and consumer criminal law.

Our firm is also active with professionals of the financial sector within the framework of the implementation of internal procedures and the monitoring of internal AML (anti-money laundering) procedures and compliance with regard to the fight against corruption and the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism.

Our criminal lawyers are reactive, discreet, and personally strongly involved with our clients.

Family Law

Family law in our firm includes all applications related to divorce proceedings, filiation, parental authority, maintenance obligations, adoption, child abduction, domestic violence and protection measures against vulnerable persons.

We advise and accompany our clients during separation and divorce proceedings.

We deal with measures related to separation proceedings such as the determination of the legal domicile and habitual residence of the children, the right of access and accommodation for the children, or maintenance obligations between spouses or with regard to the children whether they are minors or adults.

Particular importance is attached to the liquidation and sharing of the different matrimonial regimes in order to safeguard the best financial interests of clients.

Our firm is also competent in the area of adoption.

The capacity of the firm and the training of its members enable it to act quickly and efficiently in cases of child abduction.

The most vulnerable people, whether in the context of domestic violence or their relatives in the context of a request for placement under guardianship or trusteeship, will have access to attentive listening and legal advice by contacting our specialists.

Some of the lawyers in our firm are specifically accredited by the competent family law courts (Juge aux Affaires Familiales) to represent the interests of minor children and exercise so-called "children's lawyer" mandates.

Inheritance law

The law firm assists its clients in matters of inheritance.

As a complex matter regularly involving questions relating to the planning of the transfer of assets between donor and heir, the transfer of inter-generational businesses, or which may lead to numerous disputes, inheritance law brings numerous legal questions on which our firm can assist its clients.

Whether it concerns the drafting of deeds such as wills, donations etc..., or the settlement of disputes between heirs, either amicably or before the courts, our firm will be able to support its clients’ interests to the best of its ability.

Labour law

Labour law, including individual or collective dismissal procedures, negotiation of transactions and occupational health and safety regulations are among the specific areas of expertise dealt with by the firm.

The law firm defends both individuals and companies in this area.

Our firm regularly advises its clients on the rules and procedures governing the organization of social elections, staff delegation, occupational health and safety procedures, as well as in the context of dismissal procedures with immediate effect or with notice.

Our law firm will provide its clients with a personalized service specific to the problem encountered.

The contractual aspect and the anticipatory approach to disputes is also an asset for any person or company wishing to approach a future employment relationship in the most serene manner.

In addition, the firm also intervenes before the various competent courts to ensure the defense of its clients and to preserve their rights at each stage of the litigation, such as individual or collective dismissals, but also in the field of criminal labour law, particularly when companies are accused of infringements of the Labour Code or before the Labour Inspectorate (Inspection du Travail et des Mines).

Health law - medical and hospital law

Health law - medical and hospital law covers different areas of law, ranging from the civil liability of health professionals, their possible criminal or disciplinary liability, contractual liability between different health actors to issues of authorization to operate certain activities.

We assist clients ranging from medical practitioners, specialists, nurses, etc. as well as health establishments in the context of the administrative, criminal or civil proceedings they may be confronted with.

We also advise professionals on damage prevention but also those confronted with the legal rules governing social security, occupational medicine and shared medical records.

Our law firm intervenes in the context of individual litigation between patients and practitioners, particularly in relation to medical errors, various breaches of information obligations and therapeutic risks.

Our firm has a dedicated team of specialized lawyers experienced in professional civil liability cases, as well as criminal and disciplinary law and contractual disputes. Their multidisciplinary experience will enable us to provide quality service to health professionals.

Real estate and construction law

Our law firm has lawyers intervening in real estate law. This extremely vast activity involves expertise tenancy law, urban planning law and construction law.

We advise institutional clients, various public administrations as well as real estate professionals such as land developers, builders, consulting engineers and architects.

Our firm offers consulting services, in particular for the drafting of contracts dedicated to builders, consulting engineers and architectural firms, contractual clauses of specifications, as well as the review of general terms and conditions and the drafting of civil and commercial leases.

We also assist professionals in the prevention of litigation, out-of-court settlement of disputes as well as the prevention of professional civil liability of builders.

Our team also assists professionals in the sector in their negotiations for any real estate acquisition or in the conclusion of contracts for the provision of services or works.

Our lawyers are also called upon to follow international and national clients in the context of lawsuits seeking to establish the liability of promoters, builders and architects before the civil and commercial courts of Luxembourg.

Administrative law

The practice of administrative law within our firm covers urban planning law (building authorizations, general and specific development plans), litigation relating to administrative investigation/control procedures and sanctions issued by self-regulatory bodies (CSSF - OEC etc...), and public procurement law.

Our law firm assists such a diverse clientele including promoters/builders, private actors, public law legal entities, contracting authorities both upstream in the drafting of certain contractual documents (specifications, specific contractual clauses etc...) and in defense by assisting certain clients who are subject to administrative-ordinary controls, or before the administrative courts.

Our team will take all the necessary care to provide its clients with personalized assistance in this area.

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